with handmade and sustainable cork jewelry from the Portuguese cork tree.


Natural elegance combined with other high quality materials give my cork jewelry a sophisticated note. 


Cork is the perfect material for jewelry:

soft, elegant, modern, washable, resistant, natural, sustainable and vegan.


The perfect alternative to animal leather!


All other materials are also produced in Europe.



Every piece is unique as you can order it to your individual measurement and color.  

You can even create your own design and I will produce it for you.



Combine with diversity!

Find your perfect combination!

 Steps towards a more sustainable future!

No trees will be cut.

The cork tree is the only tree who's bark is self-regenerating.

This allows to cut the bark every 9 years.

Thanks to this unique feature, cork can be harvested without damaging the cork oak allowing it to live up to 200 years.

The process of the cork extraction is an ancient art.

It is done exclusive in the manual way.

The workers are very well trained due to the delicate 

extraction of the bark and they only use manual tools.

More than 50% of its volume is air making it very light. Despite its low

density it is a very resistant material. Cork does not absorb dust. This

makes it easy to clean and helps to protect against alergies.

It is perfect to wear it on your skin.



HD Fashion Jewellery

      Handmade with Love!


Produced in Portugal

Sustainable and Vegan